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About us

Our commitment to sustainability

We are environmentally conscious and endeavour to make changes within the company to create a more sustainable place to work.

Committed to a greener tomorrow: Our dedication to positive environmental impact


We have made changes to the way we import products, consolidating our deliveries and bringing them in by sea.


We are reducing air travel within the business and will offset unavoidable carbon emissions at the end of each year.


With the introduction of a new cardboard shredder, we’ve taken our eco-efforts to the next level by repurposing cardboard as plastic-free void fill, eliminating waste and significantly reducing our environmental footprint. 

We’ve switched from 197,964 metres of plastic tape annually to just 46,800 metres of paper tape per year, making our packaging entirely plastic-free (excluding product packaging from our suppliers).


We are committed to the reduction of waste, promoting environmental awareness across all levels of the company. 

In the past year, we have achieved an outstanding sustainability milestone. A remarkable 99.8% of our waste was recycled, with a mere 0.2% being sent to landfill.