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Faber-Castell is one of the world’s leading companies for high-quality products for writing, drawing and creative design, with over two billion pencils produced each year.

Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell is one of the oldest industrial companies in the world and has been owned by the same family for nine generations. The company is the reference for creative expression, motivating people to unleash their creative potential by delivering high quality, environmentally responsible and innovative products.

General Writing

Faber-Castell’s General Writing range complements the modern office with functional, stylish, sustainable, and attractively designed stationery for note taking, sketching, and highlighting. Besides function and design, Faber-Castell also focusses on intelligent additional benefits for the consumer. For example, the non-slip grip zone on the “GRIP 2001” pencils, this “point of difference” has given the company a leading position in many markets….since 1761.

Playing and Learning

Faber-Castell’s Playing and Learning collection was created especially for children – safe and innovative products allow children to explore their creativity through the world of colour and are individually designed to suit the age and development of a child. Helping children to learn to write, draw, colour and paint using a range of high-quality products that are good value for money and outlast cheaper alternatives.

Fine Writing

Faber-Castell’s Fine Writing range features the perfect writing instruments for everything that is new, surprising and unique – your ideas. We type. We swipe. We post. Does writing by hand still have a role to play? Yes, it does! Especially in our digital lives, because anyone who is constantly online and connected needs an analogue balance.

Commitment to Sustainability

For Faber-Castell, sustainability is more than a buzzword. This is one of their core values and a huge part of their 260 year history. From their sustainable managed forest in Brazil where they source their main raw material, to offsetting carbon emissions to the use of plastic alternatives in their products there is a lot that Faber-Castell are proud to share.

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