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Moleskine Asian Collection

Moleskine is launching its first Asian Collection in 2023.

This exciting new collection will link the three neighbouring countries of China, Japan and South Korea, to empower the energy of young talents and unearth the deepest Eastern traditions and philosophies through a showcase of current Asian visions.

Fashion as a powerful form of creativity and connection.

3 extraordinary fashion designers will take us into this journey with their voices, perspectives and great talent, to tell a unique story, deeply exploring the cultural messages, trends and heroes of each country.

Catwalk model wearing green coat and red scarf

Next in Fashion

Angel Chen and Minju Kim were the finalists (and winner) of Netflix’s Next in Fashion reality show and fashion design competition among the most promising designers from around the world.

Angel Chen’s collection for Moleskine is a mix of playful colours and bright tones in a palette that connects tradtional hues with more unexpected ones, focusing on joy and festiveness. Under the leadership of pink, one of the luckiest colours for this New Year of the Rabbit.

Minju Kim is fast becoming a creative force to be reckoned with. She has crafted an idiogram of the new year’s auspicious animal in a unique signature style, as a way to reconnect with the festivity roots. Calming and cooler hues wrap around a rabbit ready to jump into the next adventure.

Moleskine Year of the Rabbit Notebook designed by Angel Chen for the Asian Collection
Angel Chen
Moleskine Year of the Rabbit Notebook designed by Minju Kim for the Asian Collection
Minju Kim

Issey Miyake designer – Kosuke Tsumura

As part of the Asian Collection, Moleskine has teamed up with Japanese fashion designer, Kosuke Tsumura. Tsumura joined the Issey Miyake design studio in 1983 and with the support of the Miyake Design Studio, launched his own label Final Home in 1994.

“Whether it’s blooming in a tree, dancing in the wind, or falling down, I put my thoughts on the beautiful cherry blossoms and designed this Moleskine Notebook with the image of a story written in petals on the seasonal page.” Kosuke Tsumura

Moleskine Cherry Blossom Large Hard Cover Notebook designed by Kosuke Tsumura for the Asian Collection
Kosuke Tsumura

Fashion Patchwork Box

A special bundle with the 3 notebooks designed by these fantastic designers, will complete the collection. The box is designed with their individual work collaged together using different stitches and fabrics.

Moleskine Collector Set of 3 Notebooks for the Asian Collection

Launching in January 2023