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mt Masking Tape – the original ‘washi’ tape

mt Masking Tape - decorating picture frame

mt Masking Tape is the original ‘washi’ tape from Japan. Founded in 2008 by industrial tape manufacturer Kamoi Kakoshi co., LTD. Based in the historic town of Kurashiki, mt Masking Tape is at the heart of ancient tradition and culture as well as state of the art technology.

mt is a passionate company who strive to create and bring you the most exciting designs and patterns of the highest standard. Working with influential designers and always pushing boundaries, the assortment in the mt collection is ever growing at an exciting pace.

But what can you do with mt Masking Tape?

The answer: almost anything! The possibilities are endless with mt Masking Tape. Use it to label things in the kitchen, embellish the pages of your journal or revamp an old piece of furniture. ‘Draw’ with mt, create collages using it, why not cover an entire car with washi tape. The only limit is your imagination!

Mini car decorated in mt Masking Tape
Portrait created using neon mt Masking Tape

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