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TRAVELER'S COMPANY TOKYO Edition notebook flat lay image including journal, inserts and Japanese stickers.

We have an exciting announcement… TRAVELER’S notebook “TOKYO EDITION” is coming soon to a UK retailer near you!

This special edition is designed with a focus on Tokyo, where TRAVELER’S COMPANY is based.

Walk through the downtown area dotted with sumo stables and take a bath at the “sento” bathhouses. When you get tired, stop for a glass of “chuhai” (a Japanese liquor with soda), at an “Izakaya” (a Japanese pub). Cross the river where houseboats float by and you will be greeted by a temple with over 1,000 years of history. If you get off at a station on the Yamanote line or subway, you will see a cityscape of skyscrapers, a scramble crossing filled with people, and the iconic tower rising like symbol of the city. Sushi, ramen, “anmitsu” (a kind of Japanese dessert), “cream soda” (melon soda float), and “taiyaki” (a fish shaped cake with filling inside). They are all part of Tokyo’s everyday life and and at the same time, they are Tokyo’s sights and specialties that appeal to travellers everywhere.

TRAVELER’S notebook TOKYO Black

The word TOKYO, expressed with icons symbolizing Tokyo, is stamped in foil on the black leather cover. The special foil changes colour depending on the angle from which it is viewed, in accordance with Tokyo, which shows various faces from different perspectives. If you live in Tokyo, please write in it as if you were traveling here; if you are visiting Tokyo, please write in it as if you were living here; otherwise, please write in it as if you will travel to Tokyo someday!


This set of 10 stickers features Tokyo-related designs, including a beckoning cat said to have been born from the culture of Edo merchants, a sumo wrestler from the Edo period, Edo-style sushi, Tokyo ramen, cream soda, and more. These stickers can be used to customize not only TRAVELER’S notebooks, but also other tools for traveling around Tokyo!

The Brass Pencil features TOKYO icons printed on the body. A bright fluorescent orange eraser is included. Both the brass body and the pencil inside are made in a small factory in downtown Tokyo. The Brass Pencil, which can write and erase at anytime and anywhere is truly the perfect pen for travel. A perfect companion for your Tokyo tour.


These brass charms feature taiyaki, a classic Tokyo snack, and sakura, which bloom in various parts of Tokyo in spring. The taiyaki charm can be attached to the elastic of the TRAVELER’S notebook so that it can slide around. The sakura charm can be attached to the string or elastic of the bookmark.


All the pages in this refill can be used as postcards by cutting out at the perforation. The paper is made of watercolor paper, which is thick and water-resistant. Draw Tokyo scenes you experienced on your travels, put a stamp on it or write your memories on it and send it to your friends.

The blank refill has white MD PAPER pages and features various iconic Tokyo scenes on its cover – Mt. Fuji peeking out from the buildings, houseboats, public bathhouses, sushi, ramen, anmitsu and taiyaki. There is also a space on the door where you can write your favourite things about Tokyo!

We hope that by holding TRAVELER’S notebook “TOKYO EDITION” in your hands, you will walk around Tokyo as if you were really there! Available from 25th April 2024.